Memes × Purpose

$SKEM is Solana's first meme coin that also serves as an educational and investigational tool. Our mission is to identify, track, and expose scam tokens before they can harm others and negatively impact the network.

Leveraging community engagement with token bounties paid after every successful report will rapidly expand the scam index while ensuring quality of our information.


Total Supply

SKEM has a total supply of 18.4 million with 9 decimal places.

This low volume has no inspiration other than it being the total supply number Swap (XWP).


15% of the total supply was airdropped to qualified members of the SKEM community. Another ~10% of the total supply will be burned due to a lack of SKEM tokens added to SOL wallets.


50% of total supply will be set aside for bounties on identifying, researching, and quality reporting on token projects.


~15% of the total supply will be used for giveaways, contests, and other promotions to reward members and encourage the growth of the SKEM community.

Trade SKEM


First of all, SKEM is meme. SKEM has always been meme; SKEM will always be meme. The entire inspiration for SKEM was to meme and shitpost while poking fun of the scam tokens that have been flooding the Solana (and Binance Smart Chain) blockchain during early 2021 and beyond. If these shitty airdropped tokens can gain thousands of users, why not SKEM? Clearly, SKEM was among great minds as we've also seen other meme coins pop up around the same time, namely SAMO, STNK, and FROG coming immediately to mind. However, SKEM seeks to set itself apart by adding a second primary (second primary? yes, second primary) objective...

It didn't take long to realize that there was more potential to be had. It wasn't enough for SKEM to have a foothold of the meme token market... nope, SKEM must be bigger and stronker than the rest. It was decided that SKEM would combine meme and utility into one token!

The second objective for SKEM is to be an educational tool while fostering healthy skepticism! Scam tokens only hurt the reputation of certain blockchains, and we do not like seeing that happen. By educating members of the community on what types of projects to watch out for and avoid, we can only strengthen crypto as a whole. Creating a robust knowledge base takes work that requires a community... and we're here to foster that.